onsdag 9. desember 2009

Det snakkes litt om fototørke i bloggene for tiden - Det var litt tørt her og i kveld - men fikk litt skrivekløe(det er lenge siden sist) når roen hadde lagt seg i huset. Tok frem en tekst jeg har slitt litt med som er begynnelsen på en samling tekster jeg har kalt "Blossom from a better place" - Dere må ikke se på grammatikk og slikt for i poesiens verden er lovløshet lov!
From a better place
Tommy Jansen Bredesen

The Perfect Story

Out of a stone grew a blue blossom – such gentle and kind magic filled the air. A flower spent a lifetime breaking through the limelight where only one way out would tell the perfect story – where only one way out would lead to nowhere – where only one way out would leave a trace - where only one way out was The only – only.

The girl in the window filled with orange light and evening dawns upon the darkest hair. She fades into darkness beyond the beautiful composition – only the blue flower reflected in the window ... embraced in orange rays and dark space beyond. The door slams in a distance and running steps with skin and toes on gravel ground. She ones again enters the beautiful composition but reflected in melted stone – she grabs the blossomed kindness with passion to herself - herself.

Where are you going my darling – what have you got in your hand – get back in and put your shoes on - It is cold out there.
The flower had lost its strength and glory and bloomed beyond itself and dropped onto gravel grounds
fading with the tippytoes.
Darling! Get your ass in here – right now! You will catch a cold – inside it was cold – cold like a dead flower.

His tension was merely a sign of his silence and his silence wants to be loved. He comes across like with no passion – without no concern or reason. Suddenly the blossomed fragments reunite and whisper in her ear.

You cry before him and go into his arms. You fold his arms around you and tell him what you love. You give him words of feelings and truths of being close. You wipe your tears upon him and make him feel your warmth. – Your hearts will then beat closer and he will be a love - love of moments that you gave him – instead of silence back in shame. Don’t shame yourself upon him. You make your shame a road – a road to view yourself inside him – like the reflection in the window. You create a perfect story with a beginning and an

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  1. Jeg måtte lese dette flere ganger ... reflektere litt for å forsøke å forstå hvor du vil. Og jeg er neimen ikke sikker på om jeg helt får taket på det, men ... Dette er ... sjel, Tommy!

    Takk! :-)